Purchasing Instructions for Industrial Battery System Chargers

Industrial battery systems that permit for recharging are both affordable and energy saving. However, without the correct charging system, the benefits can be seriously reduced. In this blog post, we will deliver an overview of the various battery charging options available for an assortment of industrial batteries containing how to select the right one for your customers.

Define Battery Category

If you have ever seen the kind of consumer battery charger that plugs directly into the wall for AA batteries, you possibly have a good idea that not every kind of charger works for all types of battery. Before equating the different systems that are accessible, it is vital to determine what type of battery needs to be charged. Bear in mind that some chargers work for multiple types of batteries, while others will work for only one type.

Calculate Charge Time

The size of the battery, in terms of the amps it holds, governs how fast the battery will charge using a specific charger. For example, a battery that is rated at 100 amp hours will require to be charged for around 11 hours on a 10 amp charger in order to attain its full capacity. The smaller the amp rating on a charger, the longer it will take to completely charge a battery. Nevertheless, chargers smaller in amperage, are normally less expensive as well, so it is a subject of the user’s ultimate needs when it comes to choosing the right one.

Compare Types of Battery System Chargers

Now that it is well-defined what type of size battery charger is compulsory, compare the different types of chargers obtainable. The table below outlines the most usual types of battery system chargers.

Kind of Charger Account Attuned Batteries

High Frequency-Ultra efficient chargers (over 90%) that is also tremendously lightweight and budget effective- All lead acid batteries

SCR-SCR stands for “Silicon-Controlled Rectifier” Cost effective with multi-voltage capability-Standard flooded and sealed maintenance-free batteries

Ferroresonant-An industry standard for industrial battery systems-Dependable and less maintenance with low upfront costs-Flooded lead acid batteries

SCR/Ferroresonant Hybrid-These chargers use a blend of SCR and Ferroresonant technology to develop efficacy-Standard flooded and sealed maintenance-free batteries

Selecting a Battery Charger

There are many aspects that conclude the type of charger necessary for a particular application. Selecting the right charger is very significant to insure not only all requests are met but also the charger is not over specified occasioning in a more costly solution than necessary. The primary reasons in establishing charger specifications can be distributed into environmental and electrical categories.

Ecological Issues

There are many causes that govern the type of charger required for a specific application. Picking the right charger is critical to certify that all desires are met and that the charger is not over specified. One of the chief factors in charger selection is the operating environment.

System Electrical Features

How many batteries are mandatory to be charged? Is it possible to save cost by expending a multi-bank charger as conflicting to a single output unit? For example, consider a 24V system comprised of two 12V batteries in series. The whole battery pack can be charged with a single 24V unit or the two 12 batteries can be separately charger using a CT 500 dual output units.

Do the banks share a mutual negative or are all banks remote? There will be an important cost savings, if the batteries share a common negative. If the batteries are stacked then the isolated output series are vital.

Battery Pack Concerns

If your application entails a stack of batteries to generate a 24/36/48V output, then there are numerous issues to consider both in system design and electing a charger.

Charge Harmonizing

When batteries are charged in sequences by a single output charger, there is no way to define if both batteries are being equally charged. Even though the current being applied to both batteries is alike, the capacity, age, specific gravity, etc. of the two batteries may not be close enough, due to aging ensuing in unequal battery voltages.

Appointed Burdens

A single output charger must not be used if the loading off the stack is not the same For example, if there is a 12V load off the first battery and one more from the entire stack, the discharge currents for the two batteries will not be equal and hence equal charging currents will not deliver a balanced charge to both batteries. Likewise, when fabricating a stack all batteries should be the same kind. Again, the multi-output charger compensates for tapped loads by charging and monitoring each battery separately. This could actually save the condition for adding a third battery if a 12V load is required. In any case, the loads should be cut off if any battery voltage is less than 9.5V, since this is a deep discharge and repeatedly draining the battery at this point is not suggested.

Conservation Usage

Will the charger be used to sustain the charge on a car, lawnmower or other special craft that will not be used habitually and has its own charging system? A maintenance charger can be used for these varieties of applications.

Three State Chargers

If the charger will be the principal charger for the battery then the three state chargers is what you need. This will return 100% capability every time and lessen the voltage when finished to maintain the battery at full capacity indeterminately.

Power Ranking

The battery must have the appropriate charging voltage applied. For example, it is satisfactory to apply a 12V charger to two 6V batteries in series since this equals 12V but not to use the charger to charger the batteries independently.

Charging Current Approval

The charging flow is one of the most imperative criteria in choosing a charger. An extreme amount of current will overheat the battery causing in decreased battery life and poor capacity. Some batteries are able to agree to very large charging currents while others are more delicate. You must check your battery specification to assure that you are not using current in excess of the commended amount.

Josh Hancock nightmares

I had a series of four nightmares this evening. Each flowed immediately into the next, and I woke after the fourth. I felt I learned something from them, and felt compelled to write them down and share them.

I was in a supermarket. Suddenly a barrel fell from the ceiling and people started to scream. The lid blew off, and then cans like beans started to shoot into the air, one every five seconds or so. Each flew to a different corner of the store and exploded – sending shrapnel through the air. I began to run away and each time one exploded I wondered if I’d been hit, and then continued to run. I ran down a hall, around a corner and down a flight of stairs. I thought I had survived. A can ricocheted off the walls behind me. I was terrified, and then I died.

I reemerged as an investigator after the attack. We marveled at how this thing was made. How someone had spent so much time thought making something to terrify, and kill people. We could not figure out how it had worked.


I was coming home to my apartment building. Many people stood nearby and because the code to enter our building wasn’t working. After trying many times, I somehow managed to make it work. I exited the elevator. As I did a person was in front of me and they were armed. I was too. They aimed their gun at me and started to shoot. I was terrified. I pulled my gun and started to shoot back, firing several times. We both missed and I took cover behind a wall. I heard a shout. A friend of mine was there and had been shot by this person, but was still alive. I rolled back around the corner onto one knee, took aim as this person shot at me, and squeezed the trigger several times. I was scared but forced myself to aim after each shot. It was a long distance for a pistol shot.
The last two rounds hit and the person went down. I went over to my friend who was frightened but okay. We felt like our world was shattered and I walked the streets alone that night trying to put it all back together and could not. My gun did not make me feel safer as I walked.


I became a girl working as a barista. She was lonely, and felt resentment to the people around her who she thought were not. She carried a gun. She decided she would shoot the next person she saw. The next person she saw was a blond girl. She started to follow her. The dream ended.


I was hiking in the woods with my dog. It was winter and late in the afternoon. Another dog came from behind and attacked us. My dog and the other dog chased each other in circles around me, gnashing teeth and barking. The attacking dog broke through some ice and started drowning. My dog jumped in behind that dog to help it and started to drown as well. I waded in waist deep in the water. It was icy cold and I knew I might have just killed myself slowly (letting myself get wet far from home in the cold). I grabbed the dog that attacked us first, by the scruff, and hauled it out of the water. I grabbed my dog next and climbed out of the water with her. My dog became able to speak with me and it was not out of the ordinary to me. She told me to find the stove in my bag and start it and I did. As I did I pulled out the stove I found just enough extra clothing to stay warm enough, as well as a blanket for each of the dogs. I started the stove and it began to boil water. My dog and I knew we had he just barely survived the day. The dog that attacked us was no longer trying to hurt us. I woke up.

When I woke it was still dark. It still is dark right now as I am writing. It is the middle of the night, and I’ve been up a couple hours now. The air is just warm enough, the breeze is light, the half-moon is beautiful, the stairs are floating like gems, and the ocean is softly crashing. I am safe and blessed to be safe and alive.

Without attempting to speak for anyone who has experienced real violence, I awoke feeling that anyone who has survived this type of violence has had their world shattered in a way. Victims and witnesses of mass shootings, refugees fleeing their homes from war, police officers and soldiers in war…etc. They have all had their illusions of safety blown away.

I woke up wanting to buy a gun. As I thought about it I realized that for me, carrying a gun was agreeing that the world was violent and dangerous, and so having one would make me feel unsafe. I felt it would make me feel like I was evaluating everything around me as a source of danger. The thought made me feel that I’d rather believe the world was not like this, while trying to make it so, and that I’d rather die if I was wrong than live like that. I still wonder if I’ll change my mind.

Every bomb dropped in the world shatters people’s notions of safety. When people don’t feel safe, they reach for weapons, in their minds and with their hands. We will not truly be safe in this world until we break the circle of violence.

Today is 365 days after my accident. I’ve been paralyzed for one year. I find it hard to understand that.