How is that not corrupt???

votewould play this democratic caucus upset in Nevada up.

Here is my take on the Democratic Caucuses in Nevada…

The government is corrupt because the people that get them in there are corrupt, meaning the parties. You want the parties will, not the will of the people.

Anyone that was independent and recently registered as democrat was given extreme hassles to begin with. Note that is the people that were most likely to vote for Bernie. Not exactly in the tradition of the Democratic Party’s narrative of supporting the Voting Rights act and that figures because both Hillary and Bill started their political careers opposing the Voting Rights Act.

Now here is how it worked in a mostly white precinct. Every minority that wasn’t directly working for the Hillary campaign voted for Bernie… all of them. Now why did the minority caucuses swing in Hillary’s favor?

From that point, the foundation members; meaning alleged civil rights groups that have received hundreds of millions of dollars from Walmart and Billions from Wall Street we allowed to cajole and catcall anyone that didn’t support their candidate.

Furthermore the insinuation was that they would remember loyalty. That wouldn’t be so bad, but there was literally 10 people with high definition cameras taking pictures of mostly the Bernie Sanders crowd. So there is photographic evidence that someone didn’t stand with Hillary and they can live up to their threat of “Paybacks”.

Then after the first line up, the democratic party made everyone wait around to see if they would change their minds or just leave. In our group no one changed their minds because they didn’t live in a dangerous ghetto that the Democratic Party had created and didn’t fear for their work, harassment and even their very lives.

So what happened in the minority precincts is that essentially Billionaires paid thugs to proverbially put a gun to black and hispanic people’s heads and tell them to vote for Hillary or else.

that are subject to yearly public review?


I don’t normally post anything political or religious on here, but here goes for political. Well it’s finally happening! My buddy just finished his taxes and got fined for not having health insurance in excess of $400+! Which means that I am now dreading to file as the same will happen to me. I know people that have no choice because they have families and are getting killed financially with healthcare coverage premiums. There is no alternative when kids are part of the equation. My fine will not be as bad compared to that, but next year I’ve heard that the fines will be exponentially increased to $2,000+! If someone decides to drive and purchases a vehicle, it is required by law to obtain vehicle insurance. It is against the law to drive without having insurance. To drive or not to drive is your choice. To live and breath on planet Earth (at least North of Mexico and South of Canada), one is required by law to purchase health insurance. I believe to operate my human vessel, this option should be my choice as well. What’s the alternative in this circumstance, to choose not to live? Hell no! Besides, that option is also against the law (they might even handcuff you in an open casket, quintuple your death tax, and charge you for the cost of the handcuffs). The Affordable Careless Act is just another way to take from the poor and middle class yet again. I clock in at upper poor or lower middle class and have been fortunate enough to have never been to a doctor/hospital for over 25 years. It is important to have health insurance, but should be every American’s choice to “shop” for it in our capitalist market system. So many people have lost good jobs and small businesses have taken a hit and/or closed up shop due to the ridiculous regulations put upon us with the ACA. I’ve never had much faith in our government and now that I’m older, the last 15 years of bad decions/policy making has fueled my contempt. Great leaders unify, strive for peace, uphold and defend people’s rights, and carefully plan to ensure and procure solutions for their nation’s success. This has not happened! Obama thinks he is the 21st century’s FDR- he is not even close. If he thinks that the ACA will be his biggest contribution to his legacy, then he might as well build his presidential library in the crater of Mt. Kilauea. Our representatives in the Senate that voted “yay” are also to blame. Term limits and smaller government are the only solutions to combat track records of continued incompetence, bureaucracy, and corruption. Perhaps we the people should audit the IRS and require that politicians submit monthly expenditure/activity reports that are subject to yearly public review?