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Lucas Batteries

Lucas Batteries

At the Event Blog, we supply a list of the high-quality Lucas branded batteries for all Automotive, Mobility, Commercial Vehicle,  Agricultural, Golf & VRLA applications.

Lucas Batteries are created to the highest specifications to deal with the customers’ automotive demands today. Lucas delivers the premium performance in order to meet the electrical demands of all lastest the latest technological characteristics that be created into the newest models. Lucas Brand promises to provide the high-quality power,no matter how difficult the conditions.

That is the reason why the drivers in the United Kingdom trust Lucas Battery to offer the quality power they can use.

The range of Lucas Battery consists of not only the automotive market, but also  the batteries that are specifically designed for the different applications including industrial, leisure, marine, mobility and golf. In the automotive industry, Lucas supplies a wide range of the high-quality power, with the trusted reputation for the reliability and performance. The portfolio consists of Classic, Premium as well as Supreme ranges for cars. And It will be complemented by a full power providing for the commercial vehicles as well as cutting-edge technology in the range of  fusion This combination gives the customers the largest choice of technologies and battery power for any automotive thing.

For some decades, Lucas Battery Brand has delivered striking performance. Therefore, the UK motorists completely trust. Now, Lucas gives out the guaranteed O.E performance across all range of batteries which covers over 99% vehicle parc.

The Lucas range of deep cycle mobility batteries has the ability to deliver up to 30% more deep cycling, supplying a reliable source of power for trips and journeys.

The Lucas Golf Power Batteries are the ideal products to offer the power for the golf trolleys, scooters, and cars. They have more power, more reliability as well as more rounds of golf.

The range of Lucas V.R.L.A. product is created to cope with the harshest regimes. The cyclic technology gives a battery that you can trust to provide the best service for years.

The reason the Event Blog stock the Lucas brand is because it is the best in stored energy solutions for all applications.


that are subject to yearly public review?


I don’t normally post anything political or religious on here, but here goes for political. Well it’s finally happening! My buddy just finished his taxes and got fined for not having health insurance in excess of $400+! Which means that I am now dreading to file as the same will happen to me. I know people that have no choice because they have families and are getting killed financially with healthcare coverage premiums. There is no alternative when kids are part of the equation. My fine will not be as bad compared to that, but next year I’ve heard that the fines will be exponentially increased to $2,000+! If someone decides to drive and purchases a vehicle, it is required by law to obtain vehicle insurance. It is against the law to drive without having insurance. To drive or not to drive is your choice. To live and breath on planet Earth (at least North of Mexico and South of Canada), one is required by law to purchase health insurance. I believe to operate my human vessel, this option should be my choice as well. What’s the alternative in this circumstance, to choose not to live? Hell no! Besides, that option is also against the law (they might even handcuff you in an open casket, quintuple your death tax, and charge you for the cost of the handcuffs). The Affordable Careless Act is just another way to take from the poor and middle class yet again. I clock in at upper poor or lower middle class and have been fortunate enough to have never been to a doctor/hospital for over 25 years. It is important to have health insurance, but should be every American’s choice to “shop” for it in our capitalist market system. So many people have lost good jobs and small businesses have taken a hit and/or closed up shop due to the ridiculous regulations put upon us with the ACA. I’ve never had much faith in our government and now that I’m older, the last 15 years of bad decions/policy making has fueled my contempt. Great leaders unify, strive for peace, uphold and defend people’s rights, and carefully plan to ensure and procure solutions for their nation’s success. This has not happened! Obama thinks he is the 21st century’s FDR- he is not even close. If he thinks that the ACA will be his biggest contribution to his legacy, then he might as well build his presidential library in the crater of Mt. Kilauea. Our representatives in the Senate that voted “yay” are also to blame. Term limits and smaller government are the only solutions to combat track records of continued incompetence, bureaucracy, and corruption. Perhaps we the people should audit the IRS and require that politicians submit monthly expenditure/activity reports that are subject to yearly public review?

Keep Huntington Beach Green(#KEEP_HB_GREEN‬)


We can still keep our lawns/yards green and be drought friendly. Why HB’s new, mandatory ‘watering schedule’ should change:

I’m all about critical thinking and quality decision making. And so far, HB has not done a good job with the response to the drought and effects on our yards, and ultimately the visual quality of HB. Lawns are the American Dream for many. We shouldn’t have to give up this dream. And landscaping can affect a home’s value by as much as 10-15%. A dead lawn will mean decreased home values. Funky drought tolerant plants replacing our lawns is also unnecessary and will ultimately decrease your home’s value.

I have a degree in landscape architecture from Cal Poly – the best school worldwide. We spent 2 years in plant knowledge, and 2 years in irrigation knowledge. I’m not sure that anyone in our city who is making ‘watering rules’ has a similar background, nor has consulted anyone like me before making rules that are completely flawed (in my opinion).

Watering schedules limited to 2 days per week and 10 minutes per valve make no sense. Everyone’s watering system is different, and everyone’s lawns/yards are different and have different requirements to sustain them. This flawed rule is going to leave us ALL with BROWN or DEAD yards instead of a properly thought out ‘guideline’ that makes sense.

1. Every yard with sprinklers has a different ‘precipitation rate’. By precipitation rate, I’m referring to the amount of water applied to the ground by your sprinklers each minute. Your sprinkler system may apply ½” per hour to 2 ½ inches per hour, depending on the spacing of the sprinkler heads, flow through your system, water pressure and the type of sprinkler heads used. So why should someone with ½” precipitation rate per hour be limited to 10 minutes, when someone with 2 ½” per hour is using 5 times the water in the same amount of time?
2. 10 minutes isn’t even required for daily watering. Most systems should be set to 5-7 minutes per valve, so watering 3-4 days a week would result in the same amount of water use, instead of OVER WATERING for 10 minutes – 2 days per week. 10 minutes @ 2 days per week is WASTING WATER. The water is absorbed by our sandy soils so quickly, that the plants and lawns only get to use the water for a day or two. We are essentially wasting 30-40% of the water with this flawed rule from HB City.
3. A better recommendation would be to limit watering to 20 minutes per week. Let US figure out how that works for each home. As an example, that may be 4 times per week at 5 minutes because I have Bermuda grass (shallow roots). Or that may be 3 times per week at 6 1/2 minutes because I have deeper rooted Marathon fescue grass.

We can very easily have an alternative process to help with our watering systems.

4. Just limit watering to 20 minutes per week. Simple. Effective. Fact/strategy based.

Also, we can all do more to make our watering actually more effective. Adding organic material to the soil will retain the water for days so your plants can use the water, versus gravity taking the water through the sandy soil and your plants not getting much use of the water. You can apply topsoil directly to the top of your planters and lawns to do this the easy way. Or to do it the right way, you can mix in topsoil and organic additives to achieve better results.

And for those of us with OLD lawns – your soil is most likely depleted. Now would be the time to add topsoil (quick fix) – or even replace your lawn with a drought tolerant, deep rooted, slow growing lawn (like Marathon III – to have a drought tolerant, green lawn year round, and amend your soil at the same time to retain our precious water applied to it.

This goes for our parks and schools too. Most have OLD grass, depleted soil, and out-dated irrigation systems. Instead of allowing the grass to die like it is now, apply topsoil (which hasn’t been done in the 20 years I’ve been here), and improve the irrigation and ammend the watering schedule. We deserve green parks. Otherwise, what’s the plan when the drought is over and the grass is irreversibly DEAD? It will take more money to replace the grass at that time, then to remediate and keep the grass now. THINK LONG TERM, NOT SHORT TERM.

City Council, can we please get a logical, thought based rule and processes in place? This silly “Monday and Friday / 10 minute rule” is unnecessary, flawed and negatively affecting us all.