Guidelines for Charging AGM Batteries


You’ve discovered that with slight alterations, you can keep your automobile working easily. A change here, another tip there, and you’ll have the capacity to get somewhat extra from your drive.

Here are a couple of guidelines for keeping your lead-acid battery acting at its apex. There are additionally a few things to remember when preserving your Absorbent Glass Mat (AGM) battery, together with an OPTIMA® battery.

Fresher Chargers in Step of Battery Innovations:

Many more up to date battery chargers, similar to the OPTIMA® Chargers Digital 1200 12V Performance Battery Charger and Maintainer, have chips that gather data from the battery and regulate the current and voltage as needs be. Some have unique settings for charging flooded, gel and AGM batteries.

Battery Execution Regulator:

All lead-acid batteries can encounter sulfation, the development of lead sulfate crystals upon release. Search for a charger with a desulfation mode to adjust your battery and keep it carrying out efficiently.

Subtle and Moderate is Safest:

A low amp charger (1 to 12 amps) is for the most part the best decision for charging every lead-acid battery. It’s snappier to charge at greater amperage; however it likewise can create a great deal of heat, which diminishes the life of a battery, much the same as the furious warmth of summer.

Alternators but not Chargers:

Try not to depend on your alternator to take the necessary steps of a charger. On the off chance that your battery is discharged to the fact where it can’t activate your vehicle, utilize a charger as quickly as time permits to verify your battery gets completely charged. An alternator is intended to keep up a battery, not charge it.

Dead Batteries:

Batteries in the long run die. Batteries are a disposable item. No battery will keep going forever. The objective is to reliably keep up your battery to receive the most time in return.

Chargers with Distinctive Capacities:

Under ordinary circumstances most 12 Volt programmed battery chargers will take a shot at an AGM battery. Numerous more up to date battery chargers have settings particularly for AGM batteries; some even have separate settings for OPTIMA REDTOP® and YELLOWTOP® batteries, similar to the OPTIMA® Chargers Digital 1200 12V Performance Battery Charger and Maintainer.

AGM and Gel Equipment Vary:

Keep in mind that the innovation of an AGM battery is not the same as a gel battery, which has its specific charging prerequisites. In the event that your charger offers diverse modes, choose the right one for your battery. In the event that you utilize the gel setting to charge an AGM battery, it won’t completely charge and after some time, it will really harm your AGM battery.

Time-out Voltages:

Under typical beginning conditions, an OPTIMA battery ought to never encounter “time-out” voltages underneath 12 volts. Most 12 volt chargers and alternators have no issue reviving OPTIMA in the event that it has a “time-out” voltage of 10.5 volts or more.

The Enchantment Edge – 10.5 Volts:

The charging situation for a profoundly discharged AGM battery, one that has plunged underneath 10.5 volts, may be somewhat distinctive. The OPTIMA Digital 1200 can charge batteries discharged to just 1.5 volts. For different chargers tips for recuperating an overly discharged AGM battery can be hit upon in OPTIMA’s tech tip,

‘How to Resuscitate a Discharged AGM Battery?’