Yep, they did – however I think it was for a good reason. If I’d left on my trip around Aus when I thought I was going to, I’d be somewhere in the “Outback”, a bit beyond the “Black Stump”, and halfway to “Nowheresville” by now. And feeling crook. Instead I am still sussing things out with the packing of my car and camper trailer – and I suspect making a better job of it than I’d anticipated.

I’ve taken on board a lot of the suggestion of the folk who’ve taken notice of the underlying theme of my tales – that is, that I’m a bit of a novice at this – and I’ve decided to just sail along hoping to (figuratively) run into some of you should I ever need some help. (But I don’t really expect to, so perhaps we’ll just have a chat.)
I’m still coughing, but I’m taking that as a good sign too. I mean it indicates my lungs are working. Always a good sign. I’ve checked on that each morning I’ve woken ever since I gave up smoking. I find if I start the morning with a positive thought it gives the whole day a certain tone. It’s like: breathing, check; legs and arms working, check; heart beating … I said: heart beating, check; obviously thinking, check. Then it’s a casual stroll to the bathroom, check. And I can think about breakfast.
And speaking of breakfast – I’ve lost 2 kilos since I bought this trailer. It’ll be fun they said … but they didn’t tell me I’d lose weight. Bonus!
This morning I replaced the toy, plastic jockey wheel with one that has a solid rubber tyre, a ratchet arrangement for moving it on my own – and which is too big to lock into the room allotted to it on the A frame. Not to worry. There appears to be nothing I can do to change that – but I have length of chain that holds it nicely in place, only millimetres off perfect.
Did I mention I found the box that holds the battery charger? I didn’t know what it was at first because printed (in English) on the white cardboard box, were the words “Battery changer”. “Changer”? I guess some people just don’t know their “N”s from the “R”s. Or from their elbow if it comes to that.
Anyway, I’m getting there.
I’ve been hunting one of those little single burner gas stoves for the past week. It appears that everyone in NQ knows they are back on the market – and they were even in Bunnings catalogue, but no-one up here has been able to get any stock. Oh well, maybe I’m supposed to drink plain water. It’s all good. Oh yeah, I know I can set up my big stove and all, but just for a cuppa? The gas bottle is at one end of the trailer and the stove is at the other. Not great design work there! Ah well, as I said, I can drink water. Come meal time I might get serious though. I must remember to take the gas bottle off the A frame before I set up the camper too – otherwise my bed will be nicely sitting over the bottle, locking it in place.
Well, I popped into town in the middle of the day today. I visited the Barn Market (where I no longer work at doing Tarot readings – cos I’m off! Shortly.)
If you’re ever in Ravenshoe, call in. The Barn is in the Railway Reserve where the Railway volunteers have their (cheap) van park. I noticed the numbers of vans there has reduced a good deal in the past few days. Obviously many of the visitors from the southern states have headed home.
I may just end up having some of the northern free parks to myself if I leave my leaving too much longer.
Still, it’s all good. Enjoy your evening folk, whether you’re on the road or back home.
Good night.